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Gavin Gracie, Chief Executive

"A key component, and critical, to our future growth is the strength and quality of governance, to provide the oft mentioned “critical friend”..."

Gavin Gracie, Chief Executive

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Thank you for your interest in the Trust.

Although relatively small we are starting to achieve some incredible results with some of the most challenged pupils in our areas, this attracted me and is a key driver for many of our staff.  Our academies operate in Alternate Provision and Special Educational Needs. Many of our pupils have found it very difficult to engage in any other school situation.  By focusing on the individual, and, their unique capabilities and needs, the Trust delivers education using trauma-informed practise. The Trust is towards the forefront of this practice in the country, operating from thirteen bases in Cornwall, Plymouth and Devon. 

While many of our pupils have Educational and Health Care Plans, we also run one of the largest Pupil Referral Units in the country.  The PRU takes pupils at risk of, or, excluded from mainstream/other SEN schools, working with them over periods of twelve weeks plus to teach new behaviours, recognise their trigger points and help them return to mainstream education.  Our pupils frequently exhibit very challenging behaviours and have been unable to maintain attendance elsewhere.  They often require staff pupil ratios of 2 or 3 to 1. Working closely with the individual, pupils have gone onto University or Further Education after missing several years of schooling or started businesses employing several staff.  Many continue to make contact some-time after leaving when in a difficult situation.  This outreach to the wider community is an exciting prospect that we plan to develop.

The AP and SEN sector of education in the UK remains very fragmented.  While some academies have merged into small MAT’s (like ours), others have joined mainstream MATs.  We contend that this is a specialist sub-sector within education.  The Trust has developed a unique business model in education.  The next step will be to grow through merging with similar academies. Unlike most MATs, we are not geographically bound.

The Trust has experienced a difficult time over the last year.  We are engaged in a recovery phase with significant and fundamental operational changes delivered. These will take three to five years to complete.  A key component, and critical, to our future growth is the strength and quality of governance, to provide the oft mentioned “critical friend”. Our executive is a new team.  The Trust is looking for step changes not slow evolution, to improve our teaching staff’s capabilities, to make the administration more coherent, streamlined and cost effective for the benefit of all pupils.

As such we are looking for a new Chair and two new Board Members, I hope you are interested.  We do not offer routine or humdrum, but the excitement and dynamism of our youngsters will keep you and us on our toes for a long time to come.

Please explore the details provided and our advising consultants at GatenbySanderson would be happy to discuss.

Gavin Gracie
Chief Executive

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